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“We approached Jacob at CBE DPC for help with our dog. We had already had a trainer work with Rupert for 6 months with very little to no results at all to the point they suggested we have him put to sleep! My wife and I said lets give this one last chance if it doesn’t work out we will have to do the unthinkable. It’s been over 1 year since Rupert was in for rehab and from the very first day we picked him up he has been a different dog, I can take him to dog parks and the first time I saw my dog run and play with 16 other dogs at our local dog park I knew we had witnessed something special. Highly Recommended.”
“Hi Jacob, you must be getting sick of me by now but Boof amazes me almost every day! First the vet this morning, and then this evening on our walk we met another dog – I was a little cautious, but Boof was calm throughout and even got a little pat from the elderly owner! I cannot thank you enough!!!”
“Jacob – we cannot thank you enough. Today, we reached a milestone with Monty having his first hydro bath EVER no growling or snapping! It was a quick one but we are going to stick to the training and slowly work him up to longer grooming sessions.”
“Hello Jacob and Jennah, thank you for training Izzy, since we have had her at home we now have the “key” word that she listens to, when the cats start running all we have to do is say the words and she stops doing what she was doing. She is also much calmer and is happy to go onto the treadmill to burn off some of her energy and anxiety. We would be more than happy to recommend you to anyone that is needing some help with their dog. You and your team do a fantastic job, please keep us updated on all your work. Thank you.”
Leesa, Mark & Alexis
“Jacob, thank you so much for the work you have done with our Roxy. She’s been a totally different dog since she got home – so much more relaxed and obedient. Our friends and family are very grateful for the work you’ve done too now that they’re no longer constantly being jumped allover and slobbered on!“
“Today we took Louie to a bbq at the park today adults and children everywhere… I cannot thank you enough, Louie was awesome! A MASSIVE thanks to you guys because without your help this would never of been possible!”
“I highly recommend Jacob after i left my dog Rambo at the psychology center for rehab for two weeks, we had tried different methods and trainers but nothing seemed to work Rambo just wanted to eat everyone he saw. Stop wasting your time and money go see Jacob at CBE DPC we did and our Rambo has never been the same.”
Angeli family
“After all Jacob & Jennah’s hard work we have such a happy man no more lunging at people and dogs! Thank you guys for all your help! Wayne has even shared a cuddle with Kayla with no problems at all.”
Amy Lee
“Hey guys, just wanted to let you know what a nice week we have had with the Ace man.We went to the beach yesterday, he wasn’t bothered by the larger dogs, he sniffed them all and ignored the small yappy ones barking at him, he let people pat him gently and wouldn’t stop wagging his tail, he seems so happy no biting! We have definitely seen a soar in confidence and calm in the little man which is making our lives a lot less stressful.”
“Thank you for all your help with Lola! We are so grateful that you were able to help her get over all that anxiety. So good to see her finally able to relax and enjoy the company of other dogs again. She’s very happy now in her new home with her new little friend. Thanks again!”
“We are all very happy when we can go for walks and not carry on like a pork chop at other dogs, groups of runners and kids on bikes thank you so much for all your work with our girl such an amazing experience.”
Kristy & Heidi

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