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Tired of having trainers and behaviourists promise to deal with your dog’s unwanted behaviour only to find yourself with the same problems?

Find out what makes The Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Phychology Centre stand out from the pack.

Dog Psychology Centre

The Canine Behaviour Expert Dog Psychology Centre is based in Rouse Hill, North-West Sydney. The centre was founded by Jacob Leezak, a third-generation dog expert who has dedicated his life to rehabilitating dogs.

Jacob has encountered and solved the full spectrum of behavioural problems a thousand times over; from dogs that pull on the lead to those terrified of thunderstorms, right through to dogs that have attacked people or attacked and killed other dogs.

Specialising in dog aggression, anxiety, fears and phobias, Jacob’s methodology is centered around understanding the dog’s mind to create pathways to rehabilitation. This is achieved through the use of tried and tested techniques, developed generations.

“It’s all about education.”

Above all else, Jacob insists that owners be actively involved in their dog’s therapy. All of the programs run at the Dog Psychology Centre place as much importance on ‘training the owner’ as they do the dog. This hands-on approach ensures that issues don’t resurface when the dog leaves the centre.

Jacob’s methods not only solve the dog’s behavioural problems, but expose the underlying reasons for their unwanted behaviour and equip owners with the tools and knowledge to prevent problems from reoccurring in their own home.

Rehabilitation is a long, slow and dedicated process, but Jacob’s tenacity and passion has not only helped thousands of dog owners overcome their dog’s behavioural problems, but also prevented countless ‘dangerous’ death-row dogs from being destroyed.

“I have the gift, belief and knowledge to rehabilitate ANY dog”

With unmatched experience dealing with stress, anxiety and aggression in dogs Jacob has the ability solve any issue that you might be having with your dog, big or small.

The CBE Mission

The Canine Behaviour Expert’s mission isn’t merely to help dogs, but to help them thrive; and to do so with balance like mother nature intended. Jacob’s passion and heart belongs to the Bully breed in particular.

His mission is to bring out of the darkness this beautiful and misunderstood breed.

“Working with those powerful breeds that are capable of overpowering any human being gives me an unrivalled thrill that I find no where else in life. Not even in the boxing ring did I feel this much accomplishment and sense of belonging. I love dogs, I LOVE BULLIES!”

The Pack

The Dog Psychology Centre has a resident pack of 33 dogs, most of whom were rescued from abuse or neglect, all at different stages of rehabilitation.

Aside from being an extension of Jacob’s family, the rehabilitated pack members play a vital role in the rehabilitation of other dogs who come to the centre. They teach them what only another dog can teach; what it looks like to be a calm, well adjusted pack member.

“I can’t teach a dog to be a dog. That’s where my pack comes in.”

In many cases, Jacob’s pack have been the key to successfully rehabilitating a dog; the crucial difference that sees Jacob’s approach succeed where so many others might have failed.

The pack are truly the most invaluable aspect of the Dog Psychology Centre’s rehabilitation programs, providing an angle to rehabilitation that no other trainer or behaviourist in Australia can match.

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