Our rehabilitation programs have proven success in solving any behavioral problem; from dogs that pull on the lead right through to dogs that have attacked people or other dogs.

Our approach is based on a true understanding of the dog’s mind to open new pathways to rehabilitation and utilizes the dog’s strengths as a tool to build confidence and fast-track progress. This is achieved using a variety of methods including pack rehabilitation, massage therapy, acupuncture, hydrotherapy, counter-conditioning and positive reinforcement to name a few.

80% of our methods do not involve leashes or collars, but energy and an uncanny ability to read the dog’s body language.

Our rehabilitation programs require a stay of two weeks at the Dog Psychology Centre to allow us to observe the dog, understand the underlying reasons behind their behaviour and allow them to integrate with, and learn from our pack.

The programs also include multiple training sessions for the owner. These sessions are designed to educate and equip owners with the tools to manage their dog’s behaviour in the home and ensure long-lasting results.

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